Villa 9000

With the Villa 9000, the standard for environmentally friendly toilets has been set higher than ever. In terms of design, stability, comfort and use, it is the equal of a modern WC in every way.
The built-in, 2-speed fan expels odours and condensation from the toilet and bathroom quietly and effectively. The venting duct can be run straight through an outer wall.
The Villa 9000 can be installed in both warm and cold locations, and will work perfectly well irrespective of the room temperature. It can be placed according to your needs and fastened to the wall or floor.
The Villa 9000 is supplied complete for simple installation, with a venting pipe (Ø75 mm) to go through a
wall and a 2-metre long (Ø32 mm) urine waste hose.

Connect the Villa 9000 to a Separett Ejektortank if you want to use the urine as an organic plant nutrient.